What is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

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Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is a combination of enterprise communication tools assembled into a single interface and integrated into a single management system. UC&C helps enterprises to overcome the inefficiencies and challenges that were previously siloed and fragmented—focusing on making your company more connected, efficient and productive.

A set of UC&C products includes a variety of communications and collaboration tools including:

  • Email and voicemail
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Voice and telephony
  • Real-time communications
  • Web, audio and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging

UC&C offers any organization an array of benefits, providing employees with a consistent experience and interface across all devices, enhancing their ability to telecommute or work remotely. Other ways your company can benefit include:

  • Integrated experience: UC&C provides a single, cohesive and consistent experience by combining email, mobile, voice, web conferencing and real time communications.
  • Increased enterprise productivity and collaboration: Conventional communications tend to be bulky and inconsistent, leaving your employees spending more time on learning different tools, and less time getting work done. With UC&C tools your teams will be able to work together more efficiently and productively through a variety of channels.
  • Improved user experience: By reducing the need for separate training, user names and passwords, your employees will find UC&C tools easier to access and use.
  • Reduced IT and telephony costs: With all communications integrated into a single platform, you’ll have less potential failure points and risks of error, reducing the need for constant help from IT.

UC&C simply revolutionizes business communications by offering an all-encompassing, flexible suite of tools to make your business run more smoothly. Take the next steps in learning more about adopting UC&C in your company:

  1. Download PGi’s free whitepaper, Powering Collaboration in the Unified Communications Era, and learn more about how to make UC&C a success in your business.
  2. Learn more about PGI’s industry-leading audio with the leading UC&C platform by checking out GlobalMeet® Audio for Lync®.
  3. After you’ve learned more about GlobalMeet Audio for Lync, request a free trial to join Microsoft® Lync meetings by phone.

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