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“Improve Your Office Day” with Telecommute for a Better World

What would you do to improve your office? Buy a round of donuts? Add a plant to your desk? Put up a colorful calendar? Or put on your slippers, brew a cup of coffee and get to work? It’s Improve Your Office Day here in the U.S. and the Meetings Experts at PGi aren’t surprised by a recent study by …

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Day 5 Georgia Telework Week: Closing the Loop Between Home and the Office

It’s the fifth and final day of my Georgia Telework Week experiment – what a fantastic day! Thank you to the Clean Air Campaign, Governor Deal, PGi and the hundreds of companies that sponsored this week. Telework and video conferencing are top priorities for businesses this year and telecommuting showed me the importance of both as we look toward the …

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How to Communiate Effectively in the Digital Age

We are in a Communication Revolution — a pivotal shift in global culture and influence. Letters are all but extinct thanks to email, text and social networks. Landline telephones are on the endangered species list as homes across the world cut their cords in favor of mobile and VOIP devices. These new tools and technologies enable tangible global connections, expanding …

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I Hope Your Knowledge Workers are Outfitted to be Mobile and Flexible, Collaborating and Meeting Anywhere

In a recent Forbes article, Forrester Analyst TJ Keitt challenged businesses and their IT organization to assess if they are ready to support a flexible and mobile workforce outside of the firewall. “The bottom line is that if businesses are to smartly plan for and provision a mobile workforce, they need to have a firm grasp of what the issues …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 3: Telecommuting

People have begun to see the impact telecommuting can make on our overall carbon footprint and are realizing that working from home can help the planet. Because telecommuting reduces carbon fuel consumption, air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing the number of cars on the road, environmentalists strongly recommend this simple, effective solution. According to a survey commissioned by the …

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