Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

Increasing win rate is a top priority for sales executives, which is why we created iMeet Sales Accelerator – a powerful sales productivity software to better engage your customers, track the results and close more deals faster.

Stand out from your competition by using iMeet Sales Accelerator from PGi.Easily create and record highly engaging video presentations from your full-featured iMeet room, then distribute to one or multiple prospects and manage your pipeline more effectively. From your initial call to closing the deal, PGi’s sales productivity software gives you what you need to increase win rate and exceed your sales quota.

See iMeet Sales Accelerator in action

Free Demo of iMeet Sales Accelerator

More Engaging Presentations

Use iMeet Sales Accelerator to create and record audio and video narrated slides with your webcam to secure more sales meetings. Tailor the content in your presentations to make each message unique, use existing marketing material, and add polling to make interactive and engaging sales presentations.



Better Monitoring & Lead Tracking

iMeet Sales Accelerator lets you set up email alerts to notify you each time a prospect opens and views your presentation. With quick and easy access to sales activity and engagement statistics, you can determine and follow up with the prospects that have the most potential to close.


Close More Deals, Faster

iMeet Sales Accelerator helps increase sales activity and improve effectiveness to convert more prospects to customers. Reach multiple prospects at once, share your pitch anywhere online, to get more leads in the funnel. Then use your personal iMeet online meeting room to close the deal.


Easy Salesforce Updates

Make quick updates in Salesforce and spend less time entering data. With iMeet Sales Accelerator, you can view and edit prospect information without ever leaving your iMeet dashboard.